Sunday, May 11, 2008

mumpung gratis =P

BBM naik? radiasi mematikan via HP? peluncuran satelit chip? kerusuhan?
...brrrwwlll... i prefer to think about how wonderful life would be in the next days, in the next months, and years...while keep on doing what i can do in the right moment.

"mimpi aja, gapapa...mumpung gratis", gitu kata ola.

yeah right! i used to and keep doing it.
i had a dream to see paul gilbert & nuno bettencourt at one stage together...and it happened on guitar wars 2003.
i always imagined how it would be such a great funk rock if nuno & flea played together for one already happened on satellite party album, 2007.
i wished extreme could also happened on this early year.
i hoped that one day i could watch the original movie of Nagabonar because that's one of my favourites when i was about one-meter-tall...and if you take a walk to cinema right now, you will find that re-made movie there.

and i continue dreaming....
about having my thesis finished,
working as a photographer and an architect, collecting money to build my own studio,
'tasting' darkroom & N4, painting on canvas, making more sketches,
making more relationships by hangin'out...that's a link to inspire people.

...and somebody's asking me "how about getting married?"
and the answer is "ya iya lah! i have already had a plan to bring my eldest son to Nuno Bettencourt tour one day" ahahahahaha, that's not too far laaah.... =P
after having my own family, i will still have projects,
designing more houses (including our house), collecting more photos, strumming more strings,
still collecting money to build some kind of art workshop center & gallery - a place where people could explore their talents in art and any other major that's connected,
uuuuh.....there's too much art-wasted in this city. and i want to have a part to make it more honorable.

yeah...mikir mah...yang indah-indah aja lah....
'tul gak la?

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy - keep thinking about these things. *phi 4:8*


siesie said...

yup2! psoitive cussss....bole dunk...
jd ap aj yang waktu itu dcatet d kamar kos g pas lg bareng ijah(yg uda berubah fungsi jd kamr loe n ejin skr....hauhuhuahu). yg g inget...eum rambut gondrong...em gondrong...trus gondrong....auhauhauhuah!

AuRoRa said...

ehm ehm!
si ungu lucu disebut2 namanya di sini... huhuhuhu...
jadi maluh nih si sayah...

so very agree with u honey!
"every magical thing starts with a dream!"

mari kita bermimpi dan terus bermimpi....
mudah2an suatu saat bisa jadi kenyataan..... hohohoho!!

mumpung gratis :D

Anonymous said...

yeah sie, bisa ge-er ni para gondrongers, ahahaha. tapi ada catetan khusus: yang masih nanggung ngeplek2 di sekitar bahu mah jangan ngaku2 gondrong lah =P